How We Work

What should you expect when working with us?

Over the years, we have defined our favorite workflow that we've tested with many clients.This workflow is based on transparency, collaboration, and a goal-driven mindset.


We use a project-based approach where the product undergoes three stages:


Every project starts with analytics. At this stage, we do some preparatory work that will help optimize development time and resources and ultimately launch a successful product on the market.

Our analyst team works together with the client to establish a clear vision of the product and answer these questions:

  • What is the idea behind the product?
  • How can we turn it into a viable product?
  • How much will it cost?
Here are some steps that we take to get the answers:
  • We help the client to define all project requirements
  • We study the client's business goals
  • We run basic research of the market, direct and indirect competitors
  • We prepare an estimate based on what we learned
As a result, the client gets:
A detailed project breakdown by features, which is written in the form of user stories
A design time and cost estimate
An approximate development estimate
A clear vision of the project


After analytics, we move to the design stage. At this stage, we work on defining the user experience and make sure that the app or website is easy-to-use and intuitive. Our designers also check that the designs are clear to the development team and make sense from the development perspective.
Here are the steps that we take when designing:
  • We create a project mind map and design low-fidelity wireframes of the most complicated flows
  • We prepare a concept of the project, which consists of 2-3 app screens or web pages, with a project presentation that includes a color palette, infographics, and a component architecture design
  • We finish off the designs with weekly sprints
  • Based on the finished design, we prepare a detailed development time and cost estimate
As a result, the client gets:
A project concept and presentation to show the stakeholders
A fully complete design of the project with a UI-kit
A detailed development estimate


After the design, the project goes to development. We provide our clients with a high level of transparency on the process with biweekly reports.
Here's what our tech team does when developing a product:
  • We start with setting up a scalable architecture that suits the project's needs
  • We work by 2-week sprints and make a development plan for every sprint
  • We prepare and submit sprint reports
As a result, the client gets:
A development plan with set milestones
A clear understanding of the development progress
A flexible system of feature delivery based on the business logic
A fully working digital product that can be tested and launched
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