We design and develop web and mobile apps for startups, small and medium businesses


Our Goal

We like to see our clients as partners and we do our best to deliver the product they and their users are 100% satisfied with. Agile principles, ongoing communication, transparency are the cornerstones of each of our projects.
60+ employees
400+ projects
13+ years on the market

Our Events

We hold monthly meetups where we share experience and new ideas within the team.
Professional communities
We have organized professional communities within our team to develop and maintain work standards and integrate new tools and technologies into our existing workflow.
We help junior developers to start a career in the IT field. During their internship, they create web and mobile applications following internal company standards and best practices of the industry.
English Lessons
To be closer to our customers, we provide English courses for the team members; they include individual and group lessons for different levels of language proficiency.

Office Sweet Office

Even though our team members have the freedom to choose from where to work, our offices are never empty and always open not only to the employees but to our clients as well.

10:00—19:00 GMT+6
Omsk, Russia
Gagarina st. 14, office 4052
10:00—19:00 GMT+3
Krasnodar, Russia
Budennogo st. 129, block A, office A3.3

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