Why Ronas IT chooses GitLab

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Any team of developers sooner or later needs to choose a Version Control System, because it is hard to keep track of all the code changes in the project without one. When the team and the project grows bigger, the task becomes even harder.

There are a lot of services that offers Version Control Systems, each one with its specific benefits. Which one to choose? Ronas IT team chooses GitLab.

GitLab is a web-based source code management and collaboration solution based on Git Version Control System and written on Ruby. GitLab is a good alternative for GitHub, which has a price tag close to $5000 a year for the corporate edition. Both services are similar in terms of the functionality provided, such as administrative functions, user rights management, issue tracker, wiki, code review, merge requests (GitHub’s implementation is called pull requests).

While GitHub is primarily designed for non-commercial projects (because the majority of the projects’ source code is publicly available, and you need to buy commercial license to restrict access for certain group of users), GitLab is perfect for commercial software development, allowing creation of both open and closed source projects for free, and deploying them on our own servers. The fact that we can modify GitLab as we need is its main advantage for us.

Do we need to say that it is important to help such a significant project? Its code is publicly available and everyone can offer his or her code changes to GitLab development team, and those changes become part of the project if they are approved. Our developers are active GitLab contributors and the code that they wrote can be seen in many parts of the project.